Kaety Moon is a multidisciplinary artist at Woodhouse Studio in Chester and uses art making as a form of expression, storytelling and communication. Their practice involves spontaneous mark making in ink, pencil and collage, to create abstract landscapes and the characters who live there. These characters inspire stories which are expressed through soundscapes, spoken word, and song.

Kaety is an HCPC registered art psychotherapist and works in intensive family outreach, and with looked after children.


Kaety is a graduate of the School of Art & Design at Liverpool John Moores University, and took part in various Independents Liverpool Biennial projects, group studios and shows in Liverpool. Kaety’s work developed into a socially conscious practice of creating art, music and performance pieces with community groups to bring attention to the diverse but connected themes of women’s health, gender equality, and ecology.

Kaety’s career developed to work as an artist within educational and community settings with children, young people and families across Merseyside and Cheshire by creating connections through attuned art making to explore ideas of belonging, health and wellbeing.

Kaety went on to work with adults who were experiencing difficulties in living, and through art making were shown a way to reconnect with themselves and others. This led to postgraduate training in art therapy at the University of Chester where Kaety researched the use of response art for practitioner wellbeing.


Flight. Paint on Paper.