Art Psychotherapy and Socially Conscious Art

Reconnecting with the Self and Others

The name Healing Moon is an homage to the natural cycles of our closest celestial body. The movement of the moon can act as a metaphor for the creative cycles we encounter as we flow through life. In times of upheaval and stress, either global or personal, we can lose track of our natural rhythms and become tired-out, overwhelmed or stuck. Healing Moon seeks to create spaces where individuals can explore their creativity as a way to rebalance and reconnect with their self and their community.

Non-Oppressive Practice

Healing Moon believes that the creation of socially-conscious art can act as a counterbalance to inequalities in society, and can challenge the structures which create stress for those without a voice or place at the table. When we tap in to the rhythms and movements of the moon, we give ourselves permission to rest and shine as the moon does. In a society which profits from your exhaustion, resting and play are revolutionary acts requiring courage and commitment!

Kaety Moon

As a trained artist and art psychotherapist, Kaety understands how vital the arts & play are for enjoyment and healing, and is passionate about sharing art, music & playing with their community.

Safer Spaces

Workshops and events seek to be safer spaces for people from all backgrounds. Healing Moon is: trauma-informed and welcomes survivors; proud to be a queer business and LGBTQIA friendly; welcoming to neurodiverse clients; Breastfeeding friendly; Home Educator friendly; and refugees are very welcome here.


Workshops and events take place in physically and emotionally accessible spaces which seek to be adaptable to the needs of neurodiverse clients. We are in the process of setting up a pay-it-forward bursary scheme so we can be accessible for those who struggle financially.

Oppressive language/behaviour will not be tolerated and will be challenged. Our policies are available upon request.

Art Table at Woodhouse Studio